Thursday, December 24, 2015


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This year is coming to an end and has not been a good year.

This is going to be a sad Christmas. Randy is in a hospice and Jessica and many family members have been with her during the past week as she waits for him to leave us.  

He will leave a large empty place not only in her life, but in all of us.  

Prayers for strength for her as she faces one of the biggest losses in her life.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Randy had a bad set back this week.  Has been having pain and hoped it was nerve pain.  Had a major bleed Thurs 10th.  Scan found that he has had a tumor come back in his throat, one in mouth and in lungs.  The did a cath procedure and found the vein that was feeding the tumor and causing the bleed. Got it stopped.  Getting his pain under control.  Hopefully he will go home Monday.  If he can keep his pain under control with home meds Jess can take care of him there. If not he will have to go to a Hospice Facility.  Hoping he can spend most of his last day at home. Doctors estimate 2 to 3 months.  But they just guess. To everything there is a season....................

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Have another lab Fri 20th which I hope has climbed a little.  Then Monday I go see Dr. Stephenson to get the resulsts of my bone marrow biopsy.   My wish is that numbers are up enough I can give my RA meds more time to bring them back instead of having to take that other stronger"poison.

Jim has not felt good and he is getting worse with one thing or another.  This is going to be a long cold winter.

Life can seem so unfair.  Then you look around at others that are 10 times worse than you.

Dance and smile.


Dr. S thinks I can continue with my RA drug to bring neutrophils back to normal.  He is asking her to raise it to 10 1 day a week instead of 8. Start tomorrow.  Oct was up, do not have Nov lab results yet, will get the Thurs, and have December lab.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Since I stopped Methatrexate after dental implants, my Neutrophils dropped way down.  Dr. thinks LGL is back again.  Count came back up to 18.5 last lab, normal is 34-76.  He thinks it should be coming up faster if this med is going to do it.  But wants a bone morrow test before he puts me on stronger meds.

So Happy Anniversary...have on scheduled for November 2.  I know it was really not that bad, but it just creeps me out thinking about it.  He said he wanted to make sure it is the LGL and not something else.  Then we can decide if to give the methetrexate more time or go for the stronger chemo pills.  Will have a lab Friday Oct 23, so will get to see if it has come up any in the past 4 weeks.  

So will just live my life and try not to freak out too much before the test.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


After his therapy, Jim rested awhile then went out to the garage for awhile.  He was out there about an hour messing around the yard and in the garage. I kept an eye on him, had seen him in the garage and thought he was getting ready to come in and  rest.  Went through the house, then looked out again and he was lying on his back behind his truck.  Scared the hell out of me.  He was not trying to get up like if he fell.  I ran for my shoes and across the yard, and he raised up his head.  Said he did not fall, sort of slid down holding on to the tail gate.  He had got to hot.  I got him in truck drove around front, got him in the house.  Got a cool washcloth and a bottle of water.  He seemed to be okay.  Was hungry, fixed him something to eat, and he fell asleep.  Slept most of the day.  Got up awhile ago and went to bed at 8:30.

He is acting more confused as time goes on.  It scares me, I feel like he is slipping away from me.  His driving is terrible.  Has his truck so beat up and scratched from banging into things.

Things will get better, things will get better, things will get better..................

October 19th Update.

Sept 24.........
Things not quite better too soon.  Jim went to Thereapy Thurs, they brought him home cause his heart rate was high and he was confused.  Called out dr., and he said take him to Butler ER.  They ran a few tests, and sent him by ambulance to Lee s Summit Medical Center where he stayed Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sunday.  Sent him home with new meds (blood thinner, meds for low BP, and also with Oxygen.)  His congestive heart disease and not enough oxygen in blood was what caused his spell they decided.

He is doing better. Back still gives him lots of problems.  And he is not accepting that he needs oxygen very well.  Will go out without it and come back in and SATS are down in 80's.  Will just have to wait and see. He has had follow up with reg dr., has one with Lung dr. Oct. 29th, and with heart dr. Nov 6th.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We did have one fine week amongst all the health issues.  Bill, Sandy, Linda, Stu, Monica and Dan came for a visit in August.  We did not do much except visit and eat, and made a trip to the Casino.  It was so nice to visit with them and catch us as we do not see each other often enough.  The visit was too short, but great.


Thurs 10, Randy will have radical surgery for mouth and throat cancer.  He went thru chemo and radiation, shrank some,  but still needs surgery.  Jessica has really been taking good care of him and is going into this with a good attitute.  Much prayers that they get it all and he can get on with his life, though it will be a different life.

09-22-15 Update: One week from the day of his surgery, Randy went home from hospital.  He is healing, but doing good, and is no longer in the pain he was in before surgery.


Jim as had first check up on second carotid.  Checks good.  He goes back in 6 months for a final check.  The eye dr. wants him to wait til October on complete healing to put him in new glasses.  He has had some damage from some of the flakes going to eyes.  It is improving.  He is getting impatient.  He is also having a lot of pain in his back that is not controlled. Was to begin therapy today, but blew it off.  Has been in bed Sat, Sun, Monday and today Tuesday.

He did have some problems  between surgeries. BP was dropping and he was falling, had impact fracture. Spent week in hospital getting BP under control and getting an injection to fill the fracture.

Then in a week or so, he passed out on me at Walmart and spent 24 hours in hospital.  They decided he got to hot that time.  Now he should be down to just dealing with the back pain and working on it, and pacing himself.

I am in the dumps of the way he is dealing with his health.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Today Jim had carotid artery surgery on the other side.  He should be all cleaned out now and good to go.  He has had such a bad health year. He will probably always have trouble with his legs, but now the stroke risk is gone, and if he can get his eyes straightened out with new glasses he should feel better.  I am just hoping that he is not going to have to have any cateract work done right away.

Please and thank you for him to have a better rest of summer.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


For the first time in a long time, we got most of the family together for a BBQ. 24 adults, 16 kids and 4 dogs.  It was really great. Glad Jessica got to bring her Dad down even if it was so hot he spent the day inside in the recliner.  At least he was here.

We had tons of delicious food, great visit, kids played corn hole game, played on the water slide and even had snow cones.  What a great day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HELL WEEK June 22-26

Monday Jim spilled a cup of coffee and 3 bottles of water or pop.  Kept feeling dizzy and fell 2 times, not telling me about the first one, had to help him up the second time.  And he hurt his back that time.  Tried to get him to go to ER, but while I was getting dressed, he layed down on the bed and decided to wait til the next day and see how he felt. Jackie came down, and he got up to go to the bathroom while she was here and fell again.

She called the ambulance and they took him to Harrisonville hospital. In the ER they found when he sat up his BP dropped some, and when they stood him up it dropped 20 points. His heart rate was also 48 50. This was causing the falling, and the tremor in his hands that was causing him to spill things.  They got that under control.

He has an impact fracture in back, they transfered him Thursday evening to Menorah Hospital and early Friday did an injection of a compound that hardens and fills the fracture causing healing and getting you your feet quicker.

He got to come home Friday evening.

It was so scary.  He has been doing those tremors and dropping things for quite sometimes before the dizziness from BP dropping began.  The meds for his heart condition they took him off of.  The dr. will need to decide if to keep him off and monitor him or put him on a lower dose so his heart will not overwork.

I was so scared.  The kids really helped or I would not have made it.  But hopefully he is on the mend now and will feel better.  It seems he has had one health issue after another for the past year.

He needs some Happy Time.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Jim had is carotid artery surgery June 11. He seems to be healing ok at incision.  He felt real good last Sat, but as with everything when he feels good he over does.  He has had some blurry vision, and dizziness the past 2 days. Think he lets himself get hungry and blood sugar drops. At least he feels better if he eats.  He could also be having some low blood pressure. 

He went to regular Dr. Wednesday, and he did a chest Xray, and called today and said it looked good.  He complains of wheezing and shortness of breath after exerting his self.  Think if he loses some weight he will feel better.

His family from WV and Kentucky are coming the end of the month. Always have a good time visiting with them. Hope he feels good while they are here.  I think when he has something to do he feels better.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Thursday, June 11, Jim will have right carotid artery surgery.  Hope when it is done he will feel lots better.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Our lives revolve around doctor appointments. We will add another one this week. Jim had a dopler and has some blockage in carotid arteries.  So we will go Wednesday to see Dr. Cammeron, a neurosurgeon to see what treatment he needs. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Last week Eric had a motorcycle wreck going to work when a deer ran in front of him. Thankfully he was not seriously hurt. Roadburn, bruises, and broken clavicle.  They put in a plate and 12 screws and he is healing.

Feel so lucky that God was touching him.  

Sunday was Ty, his son's graduation. There was one happy celebration that we could all be together to celebrate. I will be forever thankful that this turned out well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This year I ask the girls to take me to Hamburger Marys, a Drag Queen place.,  They had been and it looked like fun,and a new experience for me.. I am trying to do something different on my birthdays from now on out.  Wild crazy and unusual stuff.. After 70 you should do that.

We ate, drank bottomless Mimosas and were well entertained.  I just had a grand old time.


April 25, 2015 I had 6 bottom teeth pulled and implants put in to hold dentures securely.  Well in about 3 or 4 months when implant is healed to bone.  Til then it is regular dentures.  

Was pretty rough the first 3 or 4 days and stayed pretty pilled up.  The dentures are rubbing and made my mouth sore so have had them out a couple days.  Get stitches out Friday. Next week will have them relined and adjusted so hopefully they will not be to bad for a few months. 

Gave me a jumpstart on losing a few more pounds.  Have not felt like exercising though, so will need to get back with that.

I hope this works out like it is supposed to.  Will not know until the process is complete.

Today was not a good day in the family. Eric had a motorcycle wreck going to work when a deer ran in front of him.  Skinned up and broken clavical.  May have to have surgery.  It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful he was not hurt worse.

Jackie has been having some breathing problems, and Jim too her to ER today.  Has been battling bronchitis for a few weeks. She is getting some testing and seeing a lung specialist next week.  Will also get her annual heart tests done too, so hopefully she will be feeling better.  She quit traveling and took a permanent job now, and loves the house she has rented.  She needs to have some stable good times for awhile to enjoy her grandkids.

This is going to be in my prayers constantly.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


The past few days show hope that summer is soon.  I am still waiting to be scheduled for dental surgery. Went to get temporary dentures made that I will wear until my implants heal.  They should be ready so we can move forward soon. 

I am so excited that I have lost 2 more pounds.  Have been sticking to my no sweets and low carb eating and it seems to be paying off. Stepped up exercise and that has helped.  I should get a bump when I get my teeth pulled with liquid diet for a few days, and then probably not being to enthusiastic about chewing for awhile.

Soon it will be time to put out some pretty plants, and watch the flowers bloom.

It is my favorite time of the year anticipating summer..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Had my dental surgeon consult March 2 to see if my bones are good for dental implants.  They are.  

Very costly, but I have always dreaded lower dentures.  Made the decision today to move forward with it. Plans are in motion and within a week or so will have a date to have remaining 6 lower teeth removed and implants put in to hold dentures.  Will take 3 to 4 month for them to heal so I can get the permanent dentures. So will have to wear regular ones during that time.  

Here is hoping this works as intended and will be a happy camper by mid summer.

Update: Had impressions taken today, March 12, for dentures to wear until implants heal.  Will soon get a date for the dental surgery.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


A week from this coming Sunday, we spring forward on our clocks.  And it will be MaRCH,  I am looking forward to this being a sign that Spring is shortly coming along too.  This has been a waaaaaaaay toooooooo looooooooooooong a winter.

i need sunshine and green grass.  And blooming things.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


My granddaughter just put a post on Facebook this evening reminding me that I got my first tattoo for my 70th birthday. Time does go by so fast, it does not seem like it has been that long...7 years this April.

I got to thinking of the things that I finally got to do after I turned 70 in addition to a tattoo.

I went to Las Vegas with the girls to celebrate my daughters 50th birthday.

Finally got to see an ocean, went to Los Angeles, CA with 2 of my daughters and their friends. Put my feet in the ocean for the first time, and saw lots of wonderful sights. We rented a place in the Hollywood Hills with a hot tub and great view on the patio.

Last summer we went to a Family Reunion in West Virginia with most of the family getting to go.

Last year they started a bus to the Casino in Oklahoma once a week, and we have gone on it several times. Farther than the KC casinos, but nice not to have to drive.

This year in October, I went to Conceal and Carry Weapons Class, and the target test. Got 20 out of 20 shots in the target on the practice and 18 out of 20 on the test. Now I have my Conceal and Carry License. Doubtful that I will ever carry, but can if I want.

I need to add some more adventures to this list before that big 80 comes.  Once 75 went by now time is really flying. So I need to make the downhill ride worth it.

On April 19,th, 77th Birthday, the girls took me for an adventure.  Went to a Drag Queen Brunch at Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City...bottomless Mimosas and entertainment.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Was in the 50's today, to be 60 tomorrow. Nice weather through Monday before we drop into the cold again.  Nice Break.

Jim got his new dentures yesterday. Hope the non acrylic material they used this time does not cause an alergic reaction like the ones he got in the Fall did. Also hope he does not have to have them adjusted to many times before they fit good.  They look real good.

Winter marches on.


Monday, January 12, 2015


January 2015 is almost halfway over. Cold, cold cold. Jim had dr. appt today and I had mamogram. The wind was sharp. Supposed to be in the fifties for the weekend. Sounds nice.  It will break up the long cold winter.  February is the worst month of the year for me. To be the shortest month, it takes it so long to get over. March is sort of taking me over the hump, and April makes me believe in Spring again.

Jim has another dr. appt tomorrow. Meeting new heart dr.. I have lab. Have had no sweets since first of Jan, so am hoping my glucose reading is down from last time. Am down 5 pounds to maybe that will help.  It may not be where I want it, but have been eating more stuff like diabetics eat, so maybe it will be down by next time to normal. Do not want to become diabetic on top of all the other diseases I have. Want to just set on LGL in remission, and RA under control.  Then add to that I have to have teeth pulled and trying implants on bottom.  See how that goes. I guess there is always going to be something distasteful on the horizen. That appears to be life.  But I cannot complain as there are much worse off than me.

I am rambling because I want to keep up some semi regular blogging and not let months go by like in the past.

Hurry spring..............

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Four days into the year, and I can tell this is not going to be a terrific year for some of our family.

It is cold and I hate that.  Jim is still in physical therapy and his back and legs are better if things keep improving. His lip surgery is about healed, and he needs to get new teeth, so maybe his deals will work out through the crappy winter months.

I have to get bottom teeth pulled and am going to try to get implants so they can snap in and out.  It sounds painful, takes 4 months to heal, and costs out the ass. So I am not looking forward to that. Just hope he can keep my top ones going for a year or so. But that is going to take me clear into spring.

Just found out my ex son in law is going to have to have some serious extensive jaw surgery, that will take a lengthy recovery. My granddaughter just got settled in San Diego this summer and a job she likes. But she will need to be back here for her Dad for a time. Sure she is stressed  out about how this will turn out.

So 2015, you better start showing us some good shit about this year before long.