Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Since I stopped Methatrexate after dental implants, my Neutrophils dropped way down.  Dr. thinks LGL is back again.  Count came back up to 18.5 last lab, normal is 34-76.  He thinks it should be coming up faster if this med is going to do it.  But wants a bone morrow test before he puts me on stronger meds.

So Happy Anniversary...have on scheduled for November 2.  I know it was really not that bad, but it just creeps me out thinking about it.  He said he wanted to make sure it is the LGL and not something else.  Then we can decide if to give the methetrexate more time or go for the stronger chemo pills.  Will have a lab Friday Oct 23, so will get to see if it has come up any in the past 4 weeks.  

So will just live my life and try not to freak out too much before the test.