Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is going to be pretty if I ever get it done.

I love puzzles. I like to set one up in the winter and work on it at my own pace. I started this one the weekend after Christmas...it is 750 pieces. It has been a work in progress. I have done thousand pieces, they are way too much...750 will really challenge you. A good puzzle to take you through the winter is probably a 500 piece, no to easy, but gives you a challenge. And if y ou get it done, you might to 2 or 3 if it is a long cold winter.

This is a very pretty puzzle. I am a retro person. My daughter who lives in Texas sent it to me back in the fall and I put it back til after the holidays. My goal was spring, which is officially here now....but I believe I will have it done when I feel like it is really spring.





I will have it done before the roses bloom


Then I will do a little dance under the moonlight


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Field of Daisies

I love yellow flowers, roses, carnations,daisies, marigolds.

Am looking forward to putting some flowers in pots.


A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Spring

I have developed a blood disorder. It seem my bone marrow Photobucket

is not making enough white infection fighting cells. They have checked so may of these Photobucket

and they all come up short.

I have felt great all winter and looking forward to a fun summer. Last summer sucked. So I am asking " What's up with this God? You couldn't let me have one good summer?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Back in the 50's our Easter baskets had the pretty pastel colored marshmallow eggs nestled down in the grass, and usually a chocolate bunny, and some jelly beans. I loved the jelly beans and the bunny, but I was always to disappointed that those pretty pastel eggs were not as good as they looked. I did not like marshmallow.


But as I look back now, I am thankful for those pretty pastel eggs, because if it had been a few years later, it would have been these:


I do not know when Peeps came along, and I can never understand how they have stayed around. I do not think even a pretty pastel candy coating would improve them. It is like eating a mouth full of sugar.

Sunday, March 22, 2009




Laughter is a pleasant sound, it spreads joy all around

Whether you're young or old, laughter can be like

Magic to our souls, whenever we're feeling sad

Laughter can sustain us so that things don't seem

Quite so bad, if we give into laughter, it can be like

A cure for something that seems impossible to endure

So any time your spirits need a lift fill yourself

With laughter and you will find, a much happier

Person with a peaceful frame of mind

Bonnie Ruth Shaulis


Saturday, March 14, 2009


My other half has definetly decided he wants to be cremated...swooshed away immediately for it. Wants no service....just be gone. I knew he decided on cremation a long time ago, but we had not discussed the details til recently. My thinking was he would be returned in an urn for a memorial service. Silly me...he just wants to be gone.

I have always said that I did not want to make plans, as it would give my kids something to keep their minds off of their loss. But I am to much of a control freak to let go completly. I have about decided that I want cremation also. But I would be willing to hang around in my urn for a memorial service with pictures....provided they were some of the better photos, and a couple of songs.

This is my favorite one; UPDATE, CHANGED MIND, LIKE #2 BEST.


I like this one too, but not as well. We could have matching urns, unless he does not like the same one I do. UPDATE: LOOKING AT THEM TOGETHER, I LIKE THE ONE BELOW BEST. FILE THIS SOMEWHERE.


Eventually they would need to be scattered, as I do not think any of my children will want 2 adult and one dog urn sitting around. And by that time, it might be 2 adults and 2 dogs, as Charlie hangs pretty close to Jim.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Have some things I need to take control of. Last week at the dr. my BP was to high, so my meds were increased. It has still not come down much. Got a call on my Lab tests, and there are some things he wanted to watch, so I had to go back this Monday and get it tested again. Seems some things were low, tho I do not know what. Got a call today, and the tests showed some improvment, but he wants me back next Monday to retake the test again.

For most of FebruaryI have been drag assin with a head cold, sinus, or something. And eating anything that passes in front of me. I should be in a cookie coma by now

So Sunday March1, I sucked it up and began bypassing sweets, got wheat bread, big old healthy WASA crackers, salads,soups , yogert, fruit. Jim got stuff to grill

Started back on the tread mill, and out at the park trail if it is warm. Been using the Chi Machine 2 times a day.


I guess I will make a short plan, to play it out though March with the exercise, and the new food plan, and then see where I am. If I could lose a few pounds that might get me on my way.