Thursday, June 18, 2015


Jim had is carotid artery surgery June 11. He seems to be healing ok at incision.  He felt real good last Sat, but as with everything when he feels good he over does.  He has had some blurry vision, and dizziness the past 2 days. Think he lets himself get hungry and blood sugar drops. At least he feels better if he eats.  He could also be having some low blood pressure. 

He went to regular Dr. Wednesday, and he did a chest Xray, and called today and said it looked good.  He complains of wheezing and shortness of breath after exerting his self.  Think if he loses some weight he will feel better.

His family from WV and Kentucky are coming the end of the month. Always have a good time visiting with them. Hope he feels good while they are here.  I think when he has something to do he feels better.

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