Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Sale went off April.  Not too good crowd, not too good sale.  But at least it is over.  Now just waiting on the house to sell. 

Mom is still plugging along.  Having some very bad days, and some not so bad.  It is like a roller coaster, I never know when I go out if she is going to be in severe pain, dazed and confused, or able to communicate even if somewhat confused.

Her money is all gone now, so am waiting to hear if app for State Nursing Aid is approved.  This will pay until the house sales if goes through.  She is clueless as to her finances. Wants to think she still has what she had a year and a half ago. 

"Life is simple, it's just not easy. ~Author Unknown


Four months since last blog...not much has changed. Mom is still in nursing home.  She has had some better days, still has lots of pain and is confused a lot.  I am running down.  Been going out for an hour or so every day, then I sort of hit the wall.  Felt like I could not make another trip out there.  It is just one battle after another getting them so change sheets, give her meds, and other stuff.  One day she went all day til I got there without her call light.  It was hooked to her pillow neatly made up in the bed.  Geeze.  There is one nurse I would like to slam my fist down in front of and tell her to get her head out of here ass.  She passes meds, and she never remembers when the aids tell her Mom needs pain meds.  She will be off here and yonder doing stuff, then back sitting on her ass like her work is all done.

Well I have sort of cut back some.  I take a day off of going out here and there.  She does not even realize I have not been there.  But it sort of cuts down on my frustration of the place.

Oh well, like goes on.  I may come back and look at this in a month or so and be amazed I was so angry..............or I may still be pissed at something.

Ca sa ra sa ra!