Monday, May 30, 2016


Am not really into the summertime spirit yet, but know I will get there.  Especially when swimming starts in about a week.

Had oncology visit last week. Neutrophils are about into normal range, so do not need to see him for 4 months.  Tomorrow will see RA Dr.  Should not be any changes there.  A couple weeks ago was really achey.  But think it was due to the weather changing.  Seems to be leaving now.

Went to Makena's birthday BBQ Saturday.  She is a cutie.  Is going to have a new sister in a few weeks, so will add another great daughter to our tribe.

Kati also had a birthday this month.  She is now 8. My great grandkids go from 19 down to newborn this year.  

Jim will turn 80 in August.  The kids are planning a BBQ for him, hoping to get all or most of the kids here for it.  He hurts most of the time from his arthritis, but just keeps going.  

Hoping for a great summer.  Not that we will do much, but you can enjoy life in one spot.