Monday, January 12, 2015


January 2015 is almost halfway over. Cold, cold cold. Jim had dr. appt today and I had mamogram. The wind was sharp. Supposed to be in the fifties for the weekend. Sounds nice.  It will break up the long cold winter.  February is the worst month of the year for me. To be the shortest month, it takes it so long to get over. March is sort of taking me over the hump, and April makes me believe in Spring again.

Jim has another dr. appt tomorrow. Meeting new heart dr.. I have lab. Have had no sweets since first of Jan, so am hoping my glucose reading is down from last time. Am down 5 pounds to maybe that will help.  It may not be where I want it, but have been eating more stuff like diabetics eat, so maybe it will be down by next time to normal. Do not want to become diabetic on top of all the other diseases I have. Want to just set on LGL in remission, and RA under control.  Then add to that I have to have teeth pulled and trying implants on bottom.  See how that goes. I guess there is always going to be something distasteful on the horizen. That appears to be life.  But I cannot complain as there are much worse off than me.

I am rambling because I want to keep up some semi regular blogging and not let months go by like in the past.

Hurry spring..............

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