Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Jim as had first check up on second carotid.  Checks good.  He goes back in 6 months for a final check.  The eye dr. wants him to wait til October on complete healing to put him in new glasses.  He has had some damage from some of the flakes going to eyes.  It is improving.  He is getting impatient.  He is also having a lot of pain in his back that is not controlled. Was to begin therapy today, but blew it off.  Has been in bed Sat, Sun, Monday and today Tuesday.

He did have some problems  between surgeries. BP was dropping and he was falling, had impact fracture. Spent week in hospital getting BP under control and getting an injection to fill the fracture.

Then in a week or so, he passed out on me at Walmart and spent 24 hours in hospital.  They decided he got to hot that time.  Now he should be down to just dealing with the back pain and working on it, and pacing himself.

I am in the dumps of the way he is dealing with his health.

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