Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HELL WEEK June 22-26

Monday Jim spilled a cup of coffee and 3 bottles of water or pop.  Kept feeling dizzy and fell 2 times, not telling me about the first one, had to help him up the second time.  And he hurt his back that time.  Tried to get him to go to ER, but while I was getting dressed, he layed down on the bed and decided to wait til the next day and see how he felt. Jackie came down, and he got up to go to the bathroom while she was here and fell again.

She called the ambulance and they took him to Harrisonville hospital. In the ER they found when he sat up his BP dropped some, and when they stood him up it dropped 20 points. His heart rate was also 48 50. This was causing the falling, and the tremor in his hands that was causing him to spill things.  They got that under control.

He has an impact fracture in back, they transfered him Thursday evening to Menorah Hospital and early Friday did an injection of a compound that hardens and fills the fracture causing healing and getting you your feet quicker.

He got to come home Friday evening.

It was so scary.  He has been doing those tremors and dropping things for quite sometimes before the dizziness from BP dropping began.  The meds for his heart condition they took him off of.  The dr. will need to decide if to keep him off and monitor him or put him on a lower dose so his heart will not overwork.

I was so scared.  The kids really helped or I would not have made it.  But hopefully he is on the mend now and will feel better.  It seems he has had one health issue after another for the past year.

He needs some Happy Time.

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