Monday, December 29, 2014


Last year I went and seen Mom Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. She was lucid Christmas Eve, but Christmas night she was pretty spacey, but sitting up talking.  The 26th I did not go out, and I feel guilty and sad about that. She was still sitting up. She might have been more lucid than Christmas night. Did not know that I would never talk to her again. The morning of the 27th they called me as she had slipped into a coma. We sat with her that Friday and Saturday night until she slipped away. I will always wish I had gone the night after Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Excited about family getting together for Christmas with kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Yet 7 nights from tonight will be the night Mom left us. Dread that 1 year event.  It has been a year of "firsts" without her that have been hard. She was in such pain and getting weaker physically and mentally, but letting go was still hard. I prayed for her release from this, but felt guilty. She kept saying that she did not think she would live that long and did not want to.  But she was 93 and a fighter everyday until the last two.

Want to think of her now reunited with Dad and her brothers and sisters and having a good old time, smiling and laughing again.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well December has just whizzed by and the New Year will soon be here. About this time of the year, I am ready for it to be over and a new one to start,

Jim went for check up to back dr. today.  They think he is progressing very well, though he thinks he should be all well by now.  I think she encouraged him some, he thinks he should feel better. It is going to be a long winter for him, hope he stays in rehab for the duration. Goes back in Feb for another check up.

Just about have our Christmas shopping done.  Have a few more things to get.  And I got my menu fixed, need to make grocery list.

Think our days of 60 degrees now and then are over. Has been rainy, and forecast says a little snow may come, and the cold definitely is coming. Do not do well with winter, after New Years, I am ready for spring.

Looking forward to getting together with family at Christmas.  Food, wine and Mimosas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Brought Dec 1 in with a bang.  Had Lab at 9:00, went up to Lee"s Summit and had a really really good breakfast at Perkins. I can eat anywhere and anything and usually like it.  The reason I know today's really was a good breakfast is that Jim liked it and did not have any complaints. So I know it was a 5 Star meal.

Went to the Malls, hit JC Penney, Old Navy , Lowes, Harrisonville Walmart.  Got a good start on my shopping.  Came home, let my feet get back to normal and went to Dollar Store and got some thing I needed there.

Got my tree standing and the decorations up from basement.  So hopefully tomorrow, I will get it decorated, and can put some packages under it.

Club dinner is 9th, and I finished up the gifts we will take to our special friends at the Nursing Homes.

Got to get my menu made out and grocery list set.

Time is marching on and this year is about to be over. Then I will want to hibernate until April.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Nov 27, Thanksgiving day was also Parkers 18th birthday. Time has gone so fast. He is a sweet boy and he has been coming down helping out  a lot on weekends and school holidays since Jim had back surgery. We about have everything put up for winter now.

Robbin cooked a turkey and the fixing and baked Parker a cake. We had a good day.  Missed Kyle  being there, but his Dad wanted him at his house for dinner.

Our group was small this year, Jess moved toSan Diego, Marjie went to visit her; Jackie is working in Chicago, and will not be back til Christmas, but a good time was had by all.

Parker came back to our house and stayed til this evening. Always miss hima lot when he has been here awhile and leaves.

Weather was nice all weekend. But is going to start going downhill Sunday night.  Winter...............Blah

Friday, November 28, 2014


Sunday, November 23, took my CCW classes. Got my paper so I can go get finger printed and get liscense to carry concealed weapon.

On my target test I got 16 out of 20 practice shots, and 20 out of 20 test shots.

I doubt that I will carry a weapon, but I will feel more legal since we always have one in our vehicles. Who knows what the future will bring.

I used 22 6 shot revolver for the test.  I want to learn to use and automatic later when the weather permits target practice.


Wednesday 26, went to dentist at 8:30. After much drilling and drilling, my root canal was a sucess. It took 4 hours, and I was beginning to think he was going to have to end up pulling it.

But by 12:30, I even walked out with the permenant crown. Thought I would have to get a temp and wait 8 weeks, but he did not have to do any gum surgery on it, so could put the real one right on.

Now I just have one old crown on top that he has to do some repair filling under. And my lower 6 front teeth filled and new lower partial.  Then I will be all done, yet several thousand dollars poorer.

But will be a good investment if I can save my teeth.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I always get a little excited about the first snow of winter. We had it today. Some very cold weather with it though. Supposed to be down in the single digits by morning.

Charlie and Dallas know how to handle the cold and snow.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today Mom would have been 94.  Miss giving her the box of Chocolates that she loved so much.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Monday I signed up to take the Conceal and Carry class on Sunday  November 23.  I have not practiced much, and this past Sunday is the first time I have been able to decently hit the target.  I am going to have to get in one more practice before 23rd, need to shoot 40 shots like at the test.  I only did about 24 or 30 Sunday. And only checked the last 2 times. Did get last 12 shots in a good place on the target.  Tim is a good teacher.

And it is probably going to be cold, and I need to practice once in the cold. So I may pass and may not. 

Does this gun make my ass look big?


Well, Nov 5, 2014 trip two to the dentist did not go quite as smooth.  One tooth can be crowned, so it was prepped and a temp put on and will get a crown Nov 26. The other one was too far gone, so he put a temp crown on it and on 26th I will have a root canal, a post put in for the crown, and some gum surgery to prepare for the permanent crown. Will have to have a temp for 8 weeks until gum heals.  If he gets in there and that fails, and he has to pull it, I will just get a bridge.  Hoping it will work, but will not count on it til it is done.  I still have one top tooth he has to fill under the crown, he did not even get to that this time.

After that I just have bottom ones needing filling. One of them is iffy, and if it has to be pulled will become part of my lower partial.

I hate going to the dentist when things go well.

So time will tell how all this turns out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Last Tuesday Oct 22, went to my first dental appointment. He did a crown, and did fillings under the crowns on my front teeth and one other. Right side done.  Go back Nov 5 and he will do 2 crowns and fill under another crown.  Hope it goes as well, and will have top teeth saved for awhile.  Then he will work on bottom front. Fill under 2 crowns, small filling in others, one is iffy. If he cannot save it, it can become part of my lower partial.  Will hope for the best.

Monday Oct 27 , Jim went for his first post op check from back surgery.  Incision is healing as expected, and he is progressing on schedule. He will have lots of soreness til completely healed. Got script to begin therapy next week for awhile. Then just walking should get his leg strength back to normal. 

Have had some great almost springlike weather, but cooler is coming tonight, so Fall will really be here.  Got my Halloween candy ready for Friday night.  Life is good.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Friday, October 10, Jim had back surgery...Lumbar Laminectomy. He has limped around in pain in his legs, one worse than the other for years now. Has had all the injections that did not work, and has been living on pain pills for several years now. He just kept getting worse til he had more days down than when he could do anything.  He finally decided to have the surgery.  I was not really sure he would go through with it until they wheeled him away.

Went in to see him Saturday, and he was standing up. Therapy had been having him walk around.  He said his incision site hurt a lot, but he had no pain in his legs.  I was so happy.  Hope now that he will have a lot of good days and can walk all he wants.

Recovery will take awhile, and he will have to make sure and follow the instructions until it heals.  It is so amazing to see him just walking around the house already and not limp.

His beloved dogs were so missing him, and glad to see him home.  Dallas just seems to relax and quit looking out the window.  Charlie stays right with him and will not let him out of his sight.  They are some happy doggies now.

This is really the time to do the Happy Dance.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Went Friday , 19th, for a dental check up and cleaning.  I knew it would not be good news. I used to go every 6 months for cleaning and check up. Life got in the way and it has been at least 3 years or so. So I need lots of fillings and about 3 new crowns .  Hopefully this will work and I will not lose anymore teeth.  I do not want to have to have false teeth.  Everyone complains about them. 

I have actually been lucky.  I got my caps, crowns, partials  and bridges probably 30 years or so ago.  And with some small fillings along the way and a couple of new partials I have sailed on.

Inflations rears its head.  I probably had $2500 in my original big work years ago.  For the plan in place now it will be over $5000.00.  Crowns have over doubled in price.

But I am trying to look on the bright side, and hope he does not run into any problems with teeth he cannot save. And I will not have to have to have all of them pulled.  I do not need them to last another 30 years at my age, but would like to go out with what teeth I have left now. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Great day for a picnic in the park.  We gathered in Greenwood, Mo for the first time we have tried to get some of the scattered family together.  We were not to successful in finding or getting some we have not seen for years together.

But for the ones that came, we have a good time visiting and lots of good food.

Friday, August 15, 2014


We had a fun day for Jim's 78th. All four of our kids, and part of the grandkids and great grandkids went to the Park for dinner.
The weather cooperated for August, had some showers that kept the temp down. A very fun day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Started swimming July 9th. Late start this year, so season will be short.

Aquatics through Health Center are Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs. Exercises led by Erica, life guard, Monday and Friday,and any day that the Aquatics are called off due to their cold water rule.

I like the change off, Aquatics are slow and easy stretches, and Erica's are more aerobic and use more muscle. Good overall workout. 

I feel better after I go.  I am so sluggish and have to lose some weight. Am tired of using energy carrying the extra around.

Need to add sit ups and walking to move more.

I have no discipline, but if I stand naked in front of the mirror more, that is real motiviation....YUK.

Dance out.............


On June 30 th we took of with Tim, Debbie, and Drea on our long ride to Spencer WV.  Stopped in Madisonville, Ky Monday night and stayed with Monica and Dan. Got to Linda's Tuesday late afternoon.

Linda, Sandy, and I played the slots all day long on Wednesday. I lost.

Thurs evening we met with lots of family and ate at a restaurant.

Friday evening, July 4th, we went to Chris's house and had a cook out and several of the played Cornhole game.

Saturday, July 5th we went to Bills cabin. He had a pond and shelter house and we had a cookout, the kids played in the pond.  He had all kinds of blow up toys for the little ones, and a trampoline out in the middle for the older kids, a paddle boat and fishing boat and he had made a Zipline the kids could go down and end up in the water. Visiting, eating, and more Cornhole game.  At dark there were fireworks.  It was a great day.  One of the boys counted 53 there though it was had to count with everyone moving around.

All good things come to an end, and we had to start home mid morning Sunday.  We drove til after dark and got East of St Louis and stopped and spent the night. Got home about noon the next day.

Vacations are fun, but it is always nice to end up at home in your own bed.

Bill, Linda, Chub, and Jim.....Brothers and Sisters.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Went for RA dr apt Monday. Tuesday Ankle and foot began to flare, but is going away now, and did not get where I could not walk on it.

Went to Dermatologist Wednesday. She went deeper on the place she took off in May that was basil cell.  Is a pain to keep a bandaid on it for a few days. Won't be too bad when I just have to do it at night so I will not inadvertently rub it.

Hope I am getting all of my health issues out of the way and can have a relaxing fun vacation.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Garage sale weather is here at last. Went this weekend and got some great hat and hat box finds for my Ebay.

Whoo Hoo, have a watcher already on the blue one.
Update: June 19, have a bid on blue hat now, so it will sell when auction is up in a few days.

Friday, June 6, 2014


I thought I had a hard April with my first birthday since Mom has been gone. Then I knew I had to get through Mothers Day and Memorial Day. Kids were in and out Mothers Day. For Memorial Day we went to the cemetary a few days before for the first time with both my parents there.  They had put the wrong year on Mom's (2014). Called Gary and he had it fixed the next day. It was a little edgey but not too bad. I have meltdown moments but not as often.

It is 6 months out now, and I have ran into and chatted with several of the workers at Willow Lane that took care of Mom and things have gone fine. Which is why today was such a shock to me.  I ran into Melinda at Country Mart who was one of my favorites, she really took good care of Mom. She tapped me and said hi, I was smiling and glad to see her, she hugged me and said she missed me and missed Mom too, and I just lost it.  I backed out of the hug with my lip quivering and took off. I had to go up and down an aisle or 2 to get my self composed enough to check out.  Luckily I only had a few items.  Made it out of the store before I had my meltdown. I guess it was because she was the one that was with us all at the last, and I had not seen her since .

I am such a control freak that i just am taken by surprise when emotions come upon me like that which I cannot control. I was totally surprised when I came out of the bank from closing her bank account and fell apart. That was the first time it happened.

I thought I was almost back to normal. I do not have to have my phone by me at all times now.  Left it in my purse the other day all afternoon til I noticed I did not have it. Thought that was a big step

Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.

Monday, April 28, 2014

APRIL 28, 2014 - 10:11 PM

This has been a more than usual hard 28th day of the month for me since Mom passed away.  January  the first month was hard, but then it sort of passed each month with just passing thoughts of her.  Perhaps it was because I had my first birthday with her gone this month, or maybe this will just hit me harder some months.

R.I.P Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Saturday was number 76.  Time marches on way to fast now.  But I had a great birthday. Marjie, Jackie, Robbin and Jessica took me out to eat at the new Mexican restaurant. Samantha, Jeremy and Kati stopped by during dinner.  My meal was great, hope I can remember what I got for another time.  The waiters surprised me with singing Happy Birthday, bringing me a shot of tequila, and smearing whipped topping on my face. 

Marjie brought a big box of delicious cupcakes, and brought me a bottle of wine, Jackie bought my dinner, and Robbin brought me a calla lily plant.

I would say it was a very nice birthday. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


April is into its second week now, and forecast says by Wednesday we will be having some 70's weather.  Hope before too long, the chilly days are gone.

March 25, we started taking the free bus to the Downsteam Casino in Oklahoma. Went 2 weeks now, and plan to go this week. It is a nice weekly outing to look forward to as long as we do not lose too much money. Time will tell

April 14th, I am beginning a walking program through the Health Center. We are walking at 9:30 at the new High School track for 30 minutes. (Will miss "casino day" and days we have dr. apts), but will just need to walk on the weekend to make it 5 days. I want to walk 5 days a week. I began Sat walking outside to get used to it. I am bad about jumping on and off the treadmill, and not walking a whole 30 minutes at a time.  They are going to have it even when swimming begins in June. I will probably just swim for an hour during the swim season and not go walk of a morning too.

I have stuff to pot some plants and am getting anxious, but weather has still been cold so have held off.

We got the guttering on the garage, are still waiting on the concrete guy to come and see about patio repairs. Have a pretty good to do list on things go do on the house for the summer.

Spring brings hope, and I am very hopeful that we will have a very good summer.