Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving has come and gone and now will be getting ready for Christmas. I like this time of the year, but with it also comes the thoughts of the long cold winter.  We have had some nice weather but it appears about to end.  Thanksgiving day was a beautiful day.  I do not like winter.  The first real snow is an event, but it is pretty much down hill from January to spring.  Two of my favorite things, auctions and garage sales are pretty much put on hold from now til April.

We had a great Thanksgiving Dinner at my daughters with part of the family. I ate all I wanted, and yet did not gain back a pound of the 9 I have lost.  Now I just have to get through Christmas.  But am determined to pace myself to I can enjoy it, but not have any regrets afterwards.

Since I last wrote on this blog, I lost another cousin who had been ill for quite sometime.  And my Mom is now having more bad days than good.  She is tough though, one day she will be in bed, and then back to where she can go down to the dining room at the nursing home.  They have really taken good care of her.  Of course they know I am going to be in and out at least once a day if not more, and sad to say but I do think that makes a difference in most nursing homes.

Got my tree put up today. Have one gift to wrap and another on the way.  They are for an early dinner I have with a club I belong to, so I cannot pat myself on the back for early shopping.

Thanksgiving day with 2 of my daughters and a granddaughter.

Christmas tree 2011.  Hope to have some presents under it in a week or so.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Checking in here and see my spring flowers. Saturday will be Oct 1st and time for scarecrows and pumpkins. 

 Time has slipped by and my life is still standing still it seems.  But I guess it really is moving.  My Mom is going into her 9th month in the nursing home, in and out of the hospital and getting progressively weaker. She will be 91 in November and it is so sad to see her get smaller and weaker.

Two of my friends have lost their spouses, and today we buried one of my youngest cousins.  So this has been a sad summer.

I have never been a regular blogger, so this may catch me up for awhile.

Looking towards Indian summer, fall, and winter.

We have kept busy with garage sales, auctions, Ebay selling, and an occasional trip to the casino.  And we have these guys to keep us busy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Am beginning to feel like Spring/Summer is finally going to get here.  About 2 years ago I wanted Lilacs.  We planted 2 sticks I got from a mail order.  Actually never expected them to survive much less bloom. They have grown some each year, and the other day finally bloomed. Still to small to be considered lilac bushes yet, but maybe there is hope.

My daughter got me the mixed color wave petunias for Mother's Day.

Last night my secret pal from a club I belong to gave me the purple  ones.  I love the little hummingbird that is sitting in the middle of them.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are There Farms In Heaven

Today  the past has been pulling at me. April 10. 1911 was my Dad's birthday.  He would have been 100 today. And I am pretty sure he would not have been happy about it.  He was a hard working farmer from his very young years.  If he could not plant and harvest he was not happy.

He left us at age 63 suddenly one summer evening while checking the garden. Dropped suddenly with a thud to the earth that he so loved to plant and harvest.  Though we are never ready to leave this earth, sometimes we do it in a way  that is close to our character.

My Dad was rarely sick. He may have been to a doctor once.  I know he walked the pasture one time for hours before he would go to a dentist and get a tooth pulled. When he would  get skinned up or cut doing the job, he treated it with a rag soaked in kerosene.

Though he left me suddenly, I have always felt that was easier than if he had become ill and not been able to do the things he loved.

My Mom was 54 at the time.  She is now 90. Her health has been good, til the past 3 years or so.  She is failing slowly, but she is tough.

Dad has been waiting patiently for 36 years for her, and I am sure he will be waiting when she comes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time For A Hair Color Change To Go With Season Change

Got an appointment Tuesday to get hair cut and colored.  Always look forward to picking out new colors.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wide Eyed

dialated Pictures, Images and Photos

Here I sit with my eyes dialated squinting due to light.  Mine never go back to normal in the time they tell you. 

 I am bummed because due to my eye exam and vision field test, I need to go ahead and have eye surgery before getting new glasses.

So no new frames for me for awhile.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annual Eye Exam

Time for my eye exam tomorrow. I feel like I live at the optomitrist as I have to have quarterly check to monitor me for glacoma. Caught high pressure with a minute bit of nerve damage in one eye years ago and have controlled it since.

 I know I am going to be up for some cateract surgery in one eye in the future. I am hoping to be able to get new script and new glasses for one more year at least. I have not got new glasses in 2 years, but this time I know my vision has changed quite a bit. For some reason I have it in my head when it is time for the surgery I want to do it in the winter....since that season is good for not much else. I always plan bad stuff for then.

I dread picking out new glasses. It takes me so long to decide on the frames. And a big hit on the checkbook as I get progressive lenses, turn dark in sun, and for some reason I must have good taste in frames because the ones I like are always more than I would like.

 So I am off to dreamland so I can go frame hunting tomorrow.
vintage eye glasses Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birds and Squirrels

The black birds and squirrels are taking over. Was trying to get the black birds in flight, and got a tree with a squirrel in it.

Photobucket Photobucket

Charlie and Dallas

Think Charlie and Dallas are bored with the crummy weather. Had a few nice days of playing outside when they wanted. Photobucket

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Fall of 2010 came and went with a holiday season of food, fun, and family. Just reading blogs and looked at mine and realized I am into March already. Jan, Feb, and March usually suck anyhow. This year in Jan we had the biggest snow storm in years, and it has been rain and snow ever since. Finally the past 2 weeks we have had some days in the 70's.. Ahhh Spring is really on the way.
My Mom who has been in and out of hospitals, Residential Facilities, and Nursing home since November fighting her Congestive Heart Failure finally came home Friday. Is happy to be back in her own comfy chair and bed. Is getting along well taking care of hereself. The Home Health Nurse will come tomorrow and set up a schedule to monitor her for awhile to make sure her vitals signs are ok. Will be hoping this goes well and she can be home awhile now.
Perhaps this will be a good Spring and Summer. Today I bought some pizza's from great grand son for base ball funding. We got our invitation to Bryant and Rachels wedding coming in May. Now I have to find something to wear. Jim's sister and brother in law are supposed to come visit in April. So I am having all kinds of things to be anticipating.
I was just thinking earlier today that I had better start looking for a swim suit because it will be time for Water Aorobics the end of May. Better planning this year, pool opened and I did not have a suit yet.

I at least have a start on 2011 blogging....even if I just get back and update every few months.
I have at least begun.