Wednesday, May 6, 2015


April 25, 2015 I had 6 bottom teeth pulled and implants put in to hold dentures securely.  Well in about 3 or 4 months when implant is healed to bone.  Til then it is regular dentures.  

Was pretty rough the first 3 or 4 days and stayed pretty pilled up.  The dentures are rubbing and made my mouth sore so have had them out a couple days.  Get stitches out Friday. Next week will have them relined and adjusted so hopefully they will not be to bad for a few months. 

Gave me a jumpstart on losing a few more pounds.  Have not felt like exercising though, so will need to get back with that.

I hope this works out like it is supposed to.  Will not know until the process is complete.

Today was not a good day in the family. Eric had a motorcycle wreck going to work when a deer ran in front of him.  Skinned up and broken clavical.  May have to have surgery.  It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful he was not hurt worse.

Jackie has been having some breathing problems, and Jim too her to ER today.  Has been battling bronchitis for a few weeks. She is getting some testing and seeing a lung specialist next week.  Will also get her annual heart tests done too, so hopefully she will be feeling better.  She quit traveling and took a permanent job now, and loves the house she has rented.  She needs to have some stable good times for awhile to enjoy her grandkids.

This is going to be in my prayers constantly.

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