Thursday, September 29, 2011


Checking in here and see my spring flowers. Saturday will be Oct 1st and time for scarecrows and pumpkins. 

 Time has slipped by and my life is still standing still it seems.  But I guess it really is moving.  My Mom is going into her 9th month in the nursing home, in and out of the hospital and getting progressively weaker. She will be 91 in November and it is so sad to see her get smaller and weaker.

Two of my friends have lost their spouses, and today we buried one of my youngest cousins.  So this has been a sad summer.

I have never been a regular blogger, so this may catch me up for awhile.

Looking towards Indian summer, fall, and winter.

We have kept busy with garage sales, auctions, Ebay selling, and an occasional trip to the casino.  And we have these guys to keep us busy.