Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Guess I am going through a "feeling sorry for myself".  Jim's memory is getting worse, his judgement worse, and he is very irritable.  He thinks we are all against him and there is nothing wrong with him.

He has a plan to move to WV this summer into an apt his brother owns (upstairs), and thinks his brother is going to put in a gun store downstairs he can run.  He has been focused on this for a few weeks now.

He is not capable of paying bills and taking care of finances. He just spends money on junk.  He is not supposed to drive or have firearms around.  And he falls all the time.

I do not know if I feel sick because of my RA and LGL or am just depressed.

It is really hard to think that he is not even thinking of me or our children other than wanting to get away from us.

I know it is the disease, but I guess it is normal to feel like it is personal sometimes.

Sometimes I have to just cry.