Sunday, January 4, 2015


Four days into the year, and I can tell this is not going to be a terrific year for some of our family.

It is cold and I hate that.  Jim is still in physical therapy and his back and legs are better if things keep improving. His lip surgery is about healed, and he needs to get new teeth, so maybe his deals will work out through the crappy winter months.

I have to get bottom teeth pulled and am going to try to get implants so they can snap in and out.  It sounds painful, takes 4 months to heal, and costs out the ass. So I am not looking forward to that. Just hope he can keep my top ones going for a year or so. But that is going to take me clear into spring.

Just found out my ex son in law is going to have to have some serious extensive jaw surgery, that will take a lengthy recovery. My granddaughter just got settled in San Diego this summer and a job she likes. But she will need to be back here for her Dad for a time. Sure she is stressed  out about how this will turn out.

So 2015, you better start showing us some good shit about this year before long.

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