Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Started swimming July 9th. Late start this year, so season will be short.

Aquatics through Health Center are Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs. Exercises led by Erica, life guard, Monday and Friday,and any day that the Aquatics are called off due to their cold water rule.

I like the change off, Aquatics are slow and easy stretches, and Erica's are more aerobic and use more muscle. Good overall workout. 

I feel better after I go.  I am so sluggish and have to lose some weight. Am tired of using energy carrying the extra around.

Need to add sit ups and walking to move more.

I have no discipline, but if I stand naked in front of the mirror more, that is real motiviation....YUK.

Dance out.............


On June 30 th we took of with Tim, Debbie, and Drea on our long ride to Spencer WV.  Stopped in Madisonville, Ky Monday night and stayed with Monica and Dan. Got to Linda's Tuesday late afternoon.

Linda, Sandy, and I played the slots all day long on Wednesday. I lost.

Thurs evening we met with lots of family and ate at a restaurant.

Friday evening, July 4th, we went to Chris's house and had a cook out and several of the played Cornhole game.

Saturday, July 5th we went to Bills cabin. He had a pond and shelter house and we had a cookout, the kids played in the pond.  He had all kinds of blow up toys for the little ones, and a trampoline out in the middle for the older kids, a paddle boat and fishing boat and he had made a Zipline the kids could go down and end up in the water. Visiting, eating, and more Cornhole game.  At dark there were fireworks.  It was a great day.  One of the boys counted 53 there though it was had to count with everyone moving around.

All good things come to an end, and we had to start home mid morning Sunday.  We drove til after dark and got East of St Louis and stopped and spent the night. Got home about noon the next day.

Vacations are fun, but it is always nice to end up at home in your own bed.

Bill, Linda, Chub, and Jim.....Brothers and Sisters.