Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New Year Cheer

At the sound of the tolling midnight bell
a brand new year will begin.
Let's raise our hopes in a confidant toast,
to the promise it ushers in.
May your battles be few, your pleasure many,your wishes and dreams fulfilled.

May your confidence stand in the face of loss, and give you the strength to rebuild.
May peace of heart fill all your days, may serenity grace your soul.

May tranquil moments bless your life, and keep your spirit whole.

- Author Unknown

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Who planned for Property Taxes to come due at the end of the year. It just hangs out there and taunts you all the while you are getting ready for Christmas. Why couldn't it have been scheculed for a fiscal year like ending in June. Then it is bright and sunny, and you are not trying to shop for those special gifts.

You get into your holiday shopping, the you think, oh by the way I better put back a thousand or 2 for property taxes. Then when taxes hit your mind, you then begin to think, well I wonder if I will owe any Federal and State taxes, or will I be lucky and get a refund....any maybe even one of those Stimulus Packages.

I really think it is a plot by the government to ruin Christmas for us all.

Some states do not have property taxes....I wonder where they are...I might have to take my Stimulus package and move to one of them.

Maybe I can get me some little "Tax Trolls" to live under the bridge and keep the IRS away too.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008



It is time for my hair to be cut and foiled tomorrow. A cut and a perm is just something I have to do.....but when it is "color time" that is exciting. I love color...I love 2 or 3 colors, and I like them changed up from time to time.

I began doing the hair thing in my 20' first it was just a rinse, that came out crappy and faded fast. Then I discovered there were products that you could get that one would strip the color from your hair, and a toner would put the shade you wanted back....the color of hay that you got in between could be a bit scary. If you went to far from your color, you got "roots" pretty quick.

Then I found "frosting". I got the bleach, the cap with holes in it , and the tool to pull it through. Sometimes you pulled a bit more hair through that you should and went lighter than intended. But it grows out and you do not have to mess with the roots.

Through my 20's and 30's I was bleaching my hair or wearing wigs, or sometimes just letting it grow to my color and take a break. I never went to hairdressers much in those times. Occasionally in order to get a decent hair cut where I had gotten it so out of control.

Then I began to go to real hair dressers, and learned to look forward to it. And the best thing is the color. I am just crazy about doing different colors. And I am going to keep coloring as long as I have hair. And my hair dresser has promised me that she will never let me have the blue hair.


Monday, December 15, 2008


My husband has shaving lotion, and body lotion on his bathroom vanity. This seems sufficient for him.

I was checking out my cabinet, and have body lotion, body mousse, hand masque, hand lotion that tones, hand lotion that smooths, foot scrubs, foot lotion, face lotion, lip scrub, lip smoother, lip gloss. I am a relatively intellegent person and am now wondering why I got involved with so many creams and lotions that know what part of my body to take care of. It came on gradually...I would see this good cream for a certain body part, and now I have this shelf of stuff that each does a different job.

I am wondering if I could just buy a gallon of some sort of body butter, or lotion and just use it on all my parts and stay just as soft as I am now.

I am sure it would keep you from having dry skin. I think our ancestors used lard or animal oil for dry skin, and olive oil, and got along fine.

Maybe I can whittle down my skin products from this:

To This:


And this:


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Never walk in dark halls or corners without turning a light on. All my grown kids and grandkids know this rule. This is in place because when a puppy really has to go and no one is paying attention, they choose a quiet place off somewhere, hoping no one will ever know. When you find it, you spank and scold him, spritz the shampoo and promise to do better about watching his take out time.

He has been a member of the family now since January. My rule has worked very dog doo had been stepped in and tracked around. The other member of the family has been here for 51 years, and through 3 puppies. I do not remember any dog doo being stepped in and tracked over all the house ever.

All good things come to and end. Without mentioning any names this person came into the house on a mission, went down a dark hall, and the rest is history, or it will be when the cussing dies down .

The rug shampood back to normal, the dog was traumatized by the yelling and cussing for about 5 minutes, and he may have to find a different emergency place if he does not get our attention.

I can only hope that the "turn on a light in dark halls and corners" will now be absorbed by the only person that apparently did not know it.


Unless it is in the house...............Photobucket

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I found out that on December 12, the moon would the the fullest of all year. I marked that on things to check out. I was walking the dog about 6:00 pm and noticed the moon was up there. Then I remember I wanted to try to get a picture.

I went and got my camera took the picture, then went back and read the info I had put aside on it. Of course the very best times to catch the full effect was as it was rising, and midnight when it was over head "and illuminating the sky".

OK, I missed moon rising, but I would try to get the midnight shot. Awhile ago I figured it was close enough that I would take a look. I was being real quiet as my husband and the dog had already gone to bed. And for some reason he, my husband not the dog, does not like me to get out and roam around after he goes to bed...I could get kidnapped or worse fall down and stay there all night becoming an invalid that he would be taking care of. The dog having ,I assume ,very sensitive ears began to bark, so I came back in before I got busted being outside in my housecoat looking at the moon.

I may try to sneak out again later............but so far this is all I got of the "fullest moon of the year.......


Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am not against hugging but I like to be selective, and I am also claustrophobic.

I like to keep an arms length space around me if the room is not too crowded. I will hug a kid, or a dog, my husband, but I am not a hug, peck on the cheek greeter. There are lots of us, and we need to form a training task force. Huggers and peckers need to learn to recogonize the signs. If you walk up to me and I put my hand out to shake hands, that is as close as you need to not take my hand and draw me into that hug and peck on the cheek.

About the time you think you have everyone around you familiar with your preferences and you relax, a new situation comes up.

Today a friend and I went to the nursing home to deliver a birthday gift to our "adopted Lady". A couple of members will go to take them gifts at birthdays and Christmas and visit awhile. It was going fine, she loved her gift, and it was time to go. She got up from her chair as we were saying our goodbyes, and bam it hit me, she was a hugger. Sometimes it is inevitable, you cannot avoid a lonely lady in the nursing home hug. That would not be right.

But I am still going to stave of the chronic hugger/peckers that come at me. I may have found a way to do it that will be more politically correct than hand shaking for a few years.


<Us Non Huggers can give it a try.


Friday, December 5, 2008



I do not do Black Friday for a number of reasons....I never had use for the very good specials, and also would prefer not to be trampled to death for a bargain.

We ventured out Wednesday to begin Christmas shopping. Had a very good day, and we got about 2/3 of our list done. So we went back Thursday, and I really think the shopping is all done.

Now I am overwhelmed with unwrapped gifts. I always intend to buy a few at a time and get them wrapped, but it never works out that way.


I planned to get my tree up the first of the week, and it still is not up. I have promised my self I will have it done by Saturday night. Then I can wrap til I drop and I will be all ready for the holiday. Well except for getting the stuff and fixing the dinner. Better get to making that list.

Merry Christmas!



1920 - 1933



75 years ago on December 5, 1933 congress ratified the 21st amendment and ended Prohibition. I think this date is worth celebrating with a couple of these:


I do not think I could have made it through the 60's and 70's without a little hootch now and then.


Drink up......