Thursday, March 31, 2016


In December, bought a table of hats at auction. Paid $5.00 and woman bought on off me for a $1.00 that day. So have $4.00 investment.

Think there were about 24 Vintage hats and a set of matching silk purse and gloves.

Today I mailed off an Ebay order, and my total made from these is now $105.42.  I have one lot of 3 hats left to sell.  I sold them individually, lots of 2, 3, 4, and 5.  This is what makes me love doing Ebay.  I have sold Vintage hats along the way when I can find them, but I do not come across them often.

Time for a Happy Dance!   


Friday April is here.  The past few weeks had a lot of 70's weather.  So Spring is about to burst onto the scene.

White fighters are still not coming up to normal.  Saw Oncologist Monday, and since all other signs of LGL are not showing, am continuing on Methotrexate until I see him again in May.  So it will be up or back on stronger immune suppressants. Ca Sa Ra.

I cannot get motivated to exercise.  Am holding the weight I lost.  But need to get another 10 pounds off.  Soooo, better get to moving around more . 

March 11 I stopped taking Ambien. Was messing with balance and alertness in mornings.  Have had some sleepless nights, but can really tell the difference in being more clear headed mornings. Will hit 3 weeks off Friday.  I may have to take one now and then.  Will see.  

Sooo excited that the new Season is upon us.  I love Spring and summer.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Since I have dental work in April and went off my Methotrexate for awhile the little devils. Dr. Stephenson decided after my bone morrow test we could wait and see if the higher dose would bring me back up. Got up to 18, now is bouncing at 13 and 12 every 4 weeks. Needs to be 36-70. When I go see him the end of March I expect he will want to put me on a higher power of immune suppressants.  Need to get it back up to normal, the go back to RA meds and see if it keeps it up like it was.

Minor blip on the radar, but need to get them back up.

Springs coming so need to feel good.


Monday, 7th, I will again attend the funeral of a friend I have been in club with for over 60 years. She has been fighting cancer and lost . We had a group of 13. We lost Alice to Alzheimers, and in the nursing home. Mary Lou passed away about 3 years or so ago. Nelda in January, and now Martha. 

We have made some good memories over the years. Is sad to lose friends.