Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Brought Dec 1 in with a bang.  Had Lab at 9:00, went up to Lee"s Summit and had a really really good breakfast at Perkins. I can eat anywhere and anything and usually like it.  The reason I know today's really was a good breakfast is that Jim liked it and did not have any complaints. So I know it was a 5 Star meal.

Went to the Malls, hit JC Penney, Old Navy , Lowes, Harrisonville Walmart.  Got a good start on my shopping.  Came home, let my feet get back to normal and went to Dollar Store and got some thing I needed there.

Got my tree standing and the decorations up from basement.  So hopefully tomorrow, I will get it decorated, and can put some packages under it.

Club dinner is 9th, and I finished up the gifts we will take to our special friends at the Nursing Homes.

Got to get my menu made out and grocery list set.

Time is marching on and this year is about to be over. Then I will want to hibernate until April.

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