Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Friday, October 10, Jim had back surgery...Lumbar Laminectomy. He has limped around in pain in his legs, one worse than the other for years now. Has had all the injections that did not work, and has been living on pain pills for several years now. He just kept getting worse til he had more days down than when he could do anything.  He finally decided to have the surgery.  I was not really sure he would go through with it until they wheeled him away.

Went in to see him Saturday, and he was standing up. Therapy had been having him walk around.  He said his incision site hurt a lot, but he had no pain in his legs.  I was so happy.  Hope now that he will have a lot of good days and can walk all he wants.

Recovery will take awhile, and he will have to make sure and follow the instructions until it heals.  It is so amazing to see him just walking around the house already and not limp.

His beloved dogs were so missing him, and glad to see him home.  Dallas just seems to relax and quit looking out the window.  Charlie stays right with him and will not let him out of his sight.  They are some happy doggies now.

This is really the time to do the Happy Dance.

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