Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well, Nov 5, 2014 trip two to the dentist did not go quite as smooth.  One tooth can be crowned, so it was prepped and a temp put on and will get a crown Nov 26. The other one was too far gone, so he put a temp crown on it and on 26th I will have a root canal, a post put in for the crown, and some gum surgery to prepare for the permanent crown. Will have to have a temp for 8 weeks until gum heals.  If he gets in there and that fails, and he has to pull it, I will just get a bridge.  Hoping it will work, but will not count on it til it is done.  I still have one top tooth he has to fill under the crown, he did not even get to that this time.

After that I just have bottom ones needing filling. One of them is iffy, and if it has to be pulled will become part of my lower partial.

I hate going to the dentist when things go well.

So time will tell how all this turns out.

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