Thursday, December 18, 2008


Who planned for Property Taxes to come due at the end of the year. It just hangs out there and taunts you all the while you are getting ready for Christmas. Why couldn't it have been scheculed for a fiscal year like ending in June. Then it is bright and sunny, and you are not trying to shop for those special gifts.

You get into your holiday shopping, the you think, oh by the way I better put back a thousand or 2 for property taxes. Then when taxes hit your mind, you then begin to think, well I wonder if I will owe any Federal and State taxes, or will I be lucky and get a refund....any maybe even one of those Stimulus Packages.

I really think it is a plot by the government to ruin Christmas for us all.

Some states do not have property taxes....I wonder where they are...I might have to take my Stimulus package and move to one of them.

Maybe I can get me some little "Tax Trolls" to live under the bridge and keep the IRS away too.


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