Thursday, December 11, 2008


I found out that on December 12, the moon would the the fullest of all year. I marked that on things to check out. I was walking the dog about 6:00 pm and noticed the moon was up there. Then I remember I wanted to try to get a picture.

I went and got my camera took the picture, then went back and read the info I had put aside on it. Of course the very best times to catch the full effect was as it was rising, and midnight when it was over head "and illuminating the sky".

OK, I missed moon rising, but I would try to get the midnight shot. Awhile ago I figured it was close enough that I would take a look. I was being real quiet as my husband and the dog had already gone to bed. And for some reason he, my husband not the dog, does not like me to get out and roam around after he goes to bed...I could get kidnapped or worse fall down and stay there all night becoming an invalid that he would be taking care of. The dog having ,I assume ,very sensitive ears began to bark, so I came back in before I got busted being outside in my housecoat looking at the moon.

I may try to sneak out again later............but so far this is all I got of the "fullest moon of the year.......



Jackie said...

Again, as I posted on your myspace pic. It wasn't the 12th. You have another chance tonight...the 12th. haha

Robbin'sMama said...

Well crap....I did look up tonight to see if it was smaller, but it was cloudy and bleary, soI did not even take a picture. Why did you have to ruin it for me. I thought I had one good shot of it. Now I will have a whole year before I can try to see it again . Rats!