Tuesday, December 16, 2008



It is time for my hair to be cut and foiled tomorrow. A cut and a perm is just something I have to do.....but when it is "color time" that is exciting. I love color...I love 2 or 3 colors, and I like them changed up from time to time.

I began doing the hair thing in my 20's....at first it was just a rinse, that came out crappy and faded fast. Then I discovered there were products that you could get that one would strip the color from your hair, and a toner would put the shade you wanted back....the color of hay that you got in between could be a bit scary. If you went to far from your color, you got "roots" pretty quick.

Then I found "frosting". I got the bleach, the cap with holes in it , and the tool to pull it through. Sometimes you pulled a bit more hair through that you should and went lighter than intended. But it grows out and you do not have to mess with the roots.

Through my 20's and 30's I was bleaching my hair or wearing wigs, or sometimes just letting it grow to my color and take a break. I never went to hairdressers much in those times. Occasionally in order to get a decent hair cut where I had gotten it so out of control.

Then I began to go to real hair dressers, and learned to look forward to it. And the best thing is the color. I am just crazy about doing different colors. And I am going to keep coloring as long as I have hair. And my hair dresser has promised me that she will never let me have the blue hair.


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