Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am not against hugging but I like to be selective, and I am also claustrophobic.

I like to keep an arms length space around me if the room is not too crowded. I will hug a kid, or a dog, my husband, but I am not a hug, peck on the cheek greeter. There are lots of us, and we need to form a training task force. Huggers and peckers need to learn to recogonize the signs. If you walk up to me and I put my hand out to shake hands, that is as close as you need to not take my hand and draw me into that hug and peck on the cheek.

About the time you think you have everyone around you familiar with your preferences and you relax, a new situation comes up.

Today a friend and I went to the nursing home to deliver a birthday gift to our "adopted Lady". A couple of members will go to take them gifts at birthdays and Christmas and visit awhile. It was going fine, she loved her gift, and it was time to go. She got up from her chair as we were saying our goodbyes, and bam it hit me, she was a hugger. Sometimes it is inevitable, you cannot avoid a lonely lady in the nursing home hug. That would not be right.

But I am still going to stave of the chronic hugger/peckers that come at me. I may have found a way to do it that will be more politically correct than hand shaking for a few years.


<Us Non Huggers can give it a try.


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