Monday, November 5, 2012


November, though it starts bringing the year to an end, is also the beginning of the Holiday Season.

The month begins for me with our Anniversary every year.  This year, I went to a good auction today.  I love auctions, and especially when I find some really good Ebay sellers. On the 16th I have an appointment to get my hair curled, which it is really needing so that will be a boost. The 20th our club will meet and will be making plans for our Christmas Dinner. (And of course my hair will look good from my perm).

Then comes the 22nd, Thanksgiving.  Turkey, fixings and pumpkin pie (sugar free), yum yum. By then the stores will be in full swing with Christmas decorations and sales for everyone. So November is a pretty good month.

And not to forget any day now I will hear Christmas songs on the radio. One or two stations in the area begin this on November 1, so they may already be playing them.

I know I should be putting some things in here I am thankful for, but I am shallow....not really I do have lots to be thankful for just not in the mood for lists.

Enjoy the Fall Season.

Whoo Hoo, I have got this Blogging thing for right least once a week and sometimes every day.  (Most likely I will dissappear one of these days for a few months.

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