Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just coming off of a round of a free week of listings. Those things have not all ended yet, and tomorrow begins another offer of 4 days of listing things free.

Have almost 200 items written up to keep running as they end.  Helps make a little more money if you do not have to pay the listing fee for each item.

Sept and Oct have been really good months of selling lots of items, and finding things at auctions that have been worth quite a bit to resell.  Found an old dish for $1.50 and sold it for $55.00. Now that kind of thing perks you up.

I am an Ebay junky.  Jim thinks I am wasting my time cause you do not make much money at it for the time you have to invest in finding things and researching them to see if they are worth anything or what to ask for them.  But it is like a hobby to me.  I enjoy the time I spend doing it.  Even if you do not make much money, most hobbies cost money and I do get a little bit of a return for my hobby.

So I am a happy Ebay junky.

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