Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Happened To My Rose Colored Glasses


I have always considered myself a very optimistic person. I expect things to turn out half full, etc. However the past month or so my mind has began to expect the worst.
I had a routine test a the doctor back in February, and they had me retake it 3 times. Each time I expected it to be alright. Then I was referred to a Hematologist. He took some tests and took me off a medicine I was on that could have caused the blood disorder. I went back in a week very optimistic that this had taken care of it and I would get a normal test. Did not happen.
I had to have a bone marrow test to narrow down the diagnosis. Went back expecting to be put on some pills, but was sent for an intravenous treatment that took over 8 hours. I do not know yet if this was effective, if I have to have another or if I will be given some oral meds for treatment. So I have been bottomed out.
Today I had to revamp my thinking and get myself back on track. I do not like being a pessimist. I have been told that whatever I have is not life threatening, and is treatable. So I am just going to have to get back to my old self, quit worrying about it, recognize this as a passing cloud, and move on. I cannot be moaning and groaning about my self when I have a son that has diabetes and 7 or 8 hearts stents. Or when I have a daughter that has had tripple bypasses and several stents. I have to climb out of my little blue funk and deal with it.

I feel much better in my rose colored glasses......



Val said...

oh so sorry to hear about your troubles - good luck with the tests and keep those rose tinted glasses to hand! i wear mine most of the time too :-)

Grammy said...

I am so glad you are trying to see the good side. I do have rose colored sun glasses, and never even though of this. I have a daughter in St. James next town over from Roll. What a small world.
I have learned over the past year or so to be positive. I am going to see an ENT tomorrow, as my MRI found a growth or mass in my sphenoid sinus area. I am not worrying about it. But also not telling my youngest daughter as she would over worry.
My prayers are with you. I hope this passes quickly. and your sun shiny days return asap.

Reya Mellicker said...

You have every right to be worried. You know what they say on airplanes? That if the oxygen masks fall from the overhead compartment FIRST PUT ON YOUR OWN, and then assist others?

I'm sorry to hear about how ill your son is, but please put all your attention on yourself for the moment.

Hope you are soon back to glorious good health.