Sunday, April 26, 2009

Those Birthdays Just Keep Coming

I had a birthday April 19th, and above are a couple of things I got. I also got some Scratch Off Lottery Tickets which I won $16.00 on, so I can play some more. Well I already turned that in, to get more and now have $10.00 to go back and get more. I will keep playing them til they are gone or get a big win. Odds are it will keep going til I scratch off the last loser. I also got some cash, which I used some of to buy me a much needed new purse. I have to have an organizational purse. Cannot handle those that you drop things in and then dig for. So when I get a purse and get it organized, I carry it til it looks pretty ratty. (I do have some small purses to drop your drivers lis in and go to an occasion and put it up I do not look ratty all the time). Anyhow now I have dumped my brown ratty purse, and have a springy beige one for summer.

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Wendy said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your gifts. They are so pretty!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday.