Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is that noise??

I am sitting here day dreaming, well it is night , but if you are not asleep it can't be dreaming. Anyhow I kept hearing this noise I could not identify. I looked out to see if a car is going by...it is almost midnight, but people do drive by at all times of day or night. It was the strangest thing, there is lightening in the distance, and the strange noise I hear is thunder. It has been so hot and so dry for so long that I forgot what comes before the rain. Well if it does rain. Lately we have clouds and they just tease me.....the rain never comes.

I am so excited that I would like to go out and stand in the rain. I wish it would be a cooling rain, but it seems like the minute the rain stops if we get any, then it is like you just stepped into a saunna ( would have liked to have been able to spell that for sure, it does not look right, but I do not want to even do spell check.). I think I will just read and enjoy the storm, with my luck if I went out to stand in the rain, I would get struck by lightning.

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