Wednesday, August 13, 2008


--The person in the checkout line ahead of me who waits until the clerk hits the total to Begin to get out her checkbook or debit card.

--When someone in a group tells a story or incident, and there is always that one person who had done that better, or had something worse happen.

--Mothers who take their little ones out, and do not have a burp rag or an extra diaper....what are they thinking.

--When you are at Wal-Mart in your hoverround or power chair and visit in the isles with another power chair friend or stranger. Keep to the right , keep moving and visit in the parking lot.

--Along the same line, when you are in your scooter at the Casino Boats, keep the speed down. When you round a corner and "bump" into another patron, someone will get hurt.

--Jehovas Witnesses knocking on my door another day...that first day I let you know I have my own beliefs....take me off your list

--if your belly button is hanging over your pants, it was not meant to have a ring in it.

--If you are my waitress/waitor and have a tongue ring, be discreet and keep it in your mouth.

--You sign up for a drawing...and none of us read fine you get a call that you won a trip...but you got to listen to a 3 hr sales talk.

--If you give me something, let me enjoy it, without strings as if I owe you something to collect at a later date.

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