Monday, December 3, 2012


It's that time of year when we  are looking forward to Christmas with family and food.  Listening to the music and hustle and bustle of the season.

I have my tree up and some decorations on the fireplace.  I am not a decorator so I do not have any themes or great decorating schemes.  I just put a little up to bring a bit of Christmas spirit in the house.

Since this picture I even have a couple gifts under the tree.  I still need to get out there do some shopping for gifts and cards. Make a menu for dinner Christmas Day, which is always the same food,but you still need a list.

There will also be the Christmas party at the nursing home for Mom. They have a reception with food and gifts for all the residents. I hope she enjoys it this year. Last year she was not feeling well and was not interested.  But this year she enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner, so hoping she will get some joy out of this too.

My club will be having a dinner and gift exchange also. We have potluck and always enjoy food, visiting and gift exchange.

So December is a month of "events" and also of winding down and ending the year, so we can begin a brand new one and always hope that it brings better things.

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