Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I lost a longtime friend this week.  Tomorrow I will attend her funeral.  I met Mary Lou in  1960 when we first came to Butler.  She and her family owned a duplex and rented out one side.  We rented it from her for a couple of years. Child number 2 was born there in May 1960. At the end of 1961 we bought a house and moved from there.

But we have stayed connected ever since.  She brought me into an extension club that she belonged to and we have been in it since. We meet monthly.  The first years we learned lots of homemaking tips. And we all together had about 3 times as many kids as members that came to our meetings too until they began school. As time went on we left the Extension organization and became a social club. 

A couple years ago her heath began to get bad, and she went into a nursing home and eventually became unable to attend even occasional meetings.  I saw her almost every day as she entered the nursing home at the same time my Mom did.

Along the way members have lost spouses, but this is our first member  to pass on.  She will be missed.

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