Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beginning of a Crazy Month Coming

Tomorrow we meet with the Auctioneer Company to set up the sale of my Mom's stuff.  We worked for 2 weeks packing up enough stuff to pare things down for the house to be shown.  There is that much and more that we will have yet to pack up in the next month.

Then the moving of the furniture and stuff on sale day.  I love to go to auctions.  But never paid attention to the work that went into getting it ready and set up.

I also still have a lot of stuff she already had packed away, that I need to go through to see what it is.

I want to get this done and over, but am dreading it.

At least after tomorrow I will know the date I have to be ready for. 

And the trip to Vegas that comes before the sale will be a reward for having everything ready before I go.l

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