Monday, February 20, 2012


Since Mom fell out of her chair and they took it away over a week ago, she is very angry. Has to put her call light on for assisantance to bathroom, bed, and meals.  She is giving them hell too. She does not like to wait, and keeps telling the aids and nurses that they do not want to do things for her, that they think she calls to often. And well they may think she calls to often, but they have to answer.  And I do not doubt they are slow to do so at times.

Hospice tried to get her a more comfortable chair that would be safer for her.  They brought 2, and she hated them. I took her old one back,  and they got her a new cushion for it.  Now it it thicker than her old one, so her feet are not touching the floor like she wants.  Hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow by lowering her chair.

I am not sure yet that she realizes when they get the chair to suit her, that she will not be free to sit in it unattended.  She falls asleep easily and bends forward, and will fall again.

Last week, I was hoping for a better week.  Will not even go there now, as I seriously doubt if there will be a better week.

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