Monday, December 5, 2016


November was not a good month, my RA flared up in my hands.  Also my Neutrophils were 0 last lab.  Get new lab Wed, hoping it is up at least a few numbers.

On the plus side for November Robbin brought all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner and cooked it.  Marjie, Jackie, and Kati were here.  It was delicious.

Also on Friday, Jessica came down to put up my tree.  The 4 Embrey girls were brought by Bryant and Rachell so they could help her.  It looks great though it does not have anything under it yet.
I have taken a higher dose
of my RA meds for 3 weeks now, and the aches and pain from that are almost gone.  So hopefully December is going to be a good month.

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