Saturday, October 15, 2016


Jim went with Tim and Debbie to WV this week.  The Annual Black Walnut Festival if going on. He seems to be feeling ok and having a good time.

Will be back late Sun night or Monday.  Hope he continues to use his cane to keep him from falling so much.  His sister has made him use it out there.

I have been doing some cleaning this week.  Did not get all done that I wanted to, but feels better in most of the house.

Poor Charlie is really missing Jim. He has followed me everywhere in the house, and layed around where I was working.  Dallas looks for him out the window, but he is dealing with him being gone better than Charlie.  They both stay right with him when he is here.

Going to Cheddars tomorrow for lunch with Jackie, Marjie, Robbin, and Kyle.  I have never been there.  Jim is not much for "wait to be seated" places.  Looking forwarding to endingmy Staycation with a get together with my girls.

Hoping for a good Fall and Winter with good health for both of us.

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