Thursday, March 31, 2016


Friday April is here.  The past few weeks had a lot of 70's weather.  So Spring is about to burst onto the scene.

White fighters are still not coming up to normal.  Saw Oncologist Monday, and since all other signs of LGL are not showing, am continuing on Methotrexate until I see him again in May.  So it will be up or back on stronger immune suppressants. Ca Sa Ra.

I cannot get motivated to exercise.  Am holding the weight I lost.  But need to get another 10 pounds off.  Soooo, better get to moving around more . 

March 11 I stopped taking Ambien. Was messing with balance and alertness in mornings.  Have had some sleepless nights, but can really tell the difference in being more clear headed mornings. Will hit 3 weeks off Friday.  I may have to take one now and then.  Will see.  

Sooo excited that the new Season is upon us.  I love Spring and summer.

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