Saturday, November 16, 2013


November is here and moving right along.  Today the 15th is mom's birthday.  Went out this evening and took her some Russell Stover soft center chocolates, and put pictures of the 2 new great great grandbabies in a holder for her.

Have been cleaning on the house for 2 weeks. Will be all ready to put up the tree after Thanksgiving.  We are dining at Robbins on Thanksgiving.

I found a light at the end of the tunnel. and things should not be to stressful for awhile. Still hoping the house will sell soon.  Have brought the price down about as much as we want to.  It is worth more, but the market sucks.  There are 2 or  3 houses on every block for sale.

I am beginning to coast into a holiday mood, and will be looking for this year to end, and get to a fresh start.

And I can still dance.

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