Friday, October 12, 2012


I have been mulling lots of thoughts around in my head on things going on in your world. And I am baffled.

Out in Co there is a little 10 year old girl that started to go meet up with her friends and walk to school. She has not been seen since. They have found a body they will not identify as her yet, but most think it is. What were you thinking?

I read about young babies that have to go through some real tough treatment to survive and go home with their parents.

A friend's husband has tounge and throat cancer and is having devastaing treatments. Are you with us? He has a wife and daughter that would like for him to see his grandkids someday.

Jim has more bad days than good with the pain in his back and legs. I thought we would be doing some things to enjoy our 50 plus years together, but we are just wandering around day to day, not finding anything that will help him.

My Mom is almost 92, she is in pain all the time, her fragile skin itches til she is miserable. She barely eats, arms and legs are like sticks, and she cannot remember anything for more that 10 minutes. Why can't she go to be with my Dad and be released from her pain?

I imagine this big chess table in the heavens and you are shuffling these people I know, and many others around to pass the time rather than have any plan for them.

These are they days that you make me angry God. And it is scary to be angry at God.

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