Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Easily We Forget....

My Rheumatoid Arthritis has been under control for 4 or five years. I had fogotten how painful it was to have it jump from joint to joint swelling. When the doctors were beginning to try to find out how come my "white fighters" were not developing, first thing they took me off of was the RA meds.

When that did not bring it back up, I was not put back on it. The tests found I have this rare Leukemia ( LGL). Some of the meds I take for it will help with the RA. I was a little leary at first....waiting to have an attack, the I forgot about it.

Well this week, I had an arm bothering me, but did not think it was that. Doc gave me some pain pills and I expected it to pass. The next day my right wrist and hand began showing off, and it did not take me but a few minutes to get my memory back of that horrible pain those joint can give you.

I was back on the phone today for more than pain pills. Got some prednisone that can work miracles in a short time.

Everyone that has RA does not get the Leukemia, but most that have the type of Leukemia I have also have RA.


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