Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Have some things I need to take control of. Last week at the dr. my BP was to high, so my meds were increased. It has still not come down much. Got a call on my Lab tests, and there are some things he wanted to watch, so I had to go back this Monday and get it tested again. Seems some things were low, tho I do not know what. Got a call today, and the tests showed some improvment, but he wants me back next Monday to retake the test again.

For most of FebruaryI have been drag assin with a head cold, sinus, or something. And eating anything that passes in front of me. I should be in a cookie coma by now

So Sunday March1, I sucked it up and began bypassing sweets, got wheat bread, big old healthy WASA crackers, salads,soups , yogert, fruit. Jim got stuff to grill

Started back on the tread mill, and out at the park trail if it is warm. Been using the Chi Machine 2 times a day.


I guess I will make a short plan, to play it out though March with the exercise, and the new food plan, and then see where I am. If I could lose a few pounds that might get me on my way.



Wendy said...

Ah March. Time to look forward to spring and spring means renewal. Renew or change our habits. Eat better and exercise more.
There is no way I can eat better food in winter. Winter is for hibernation and eating, especially chocolate, cookies, home-baked deserts - well, ya gotta stay warm somehow!

Once the weather warms up a bit and I can really walk outside, I'll lose my winter fat.

Good luck with your new regime. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Fire Byrd said...

I agree there is somethng about March winds and increasing light that makes the idea of eating salad a good thing again.
Unless it's stormy outside of course then chocolate may be required as a matter of importance!!!