Saturday, March 14, 2009


My other half has definetly decided he wants to be cremated...swooshed away immediately for it. Wants no service....just be gone. I knew he decided on cremation a long time ago, but we had not discussed the details til recently. My thinking was he would be returned in an urn for a memorial service. Silly me...he just wants to be gone.

I have always said that I did not want to make plans, as it would give my kids something to keep their minds off of their loss. But I am to much of a control freak to let go completly. I have about decided that I want cremation also. But I would be willing to hang around in my urn for a memorial service with pictures....provided they were some of the better photos, and a couple of songs.

This is my favorite one; UPDATE, CHANGED MIND, LIKE #2 BEST.


I like this one too, but not as well. We could have matching urns, unless he does not like the same one I do. UPDATE: LOOKING AT THEM TOGETHER, I LIKE THE ONE BELOW BEST. FILE THIS SOMEWHERE.


Eventually they would need to be scattered, as I do not think any of my children will want 2 adult and one dog urn sitting around. And by that time, it might be 2 adults and 2 dogs, as Charlie hangs pretty close to Jim.




Jackie said...

I like the second one. You should have gotten that little one for Beau and you could be matching.

We had a couple of conversations about Dad's wishes when we went to Houston. I told Robbin about him not wanting a service and let me see if I can remember her exact words...hmmmm...oh yeah...she said, "Fuck That." We'll have to discuss it further with Dad.

~Robbin said...

HEY you didn't have to tell her "exactly" what I said geeeeeez. I also said "the service wasn't for him it was for us to give us closure." Geez woman with all mom's selling on e-bay and all I'm going to get is one lonley tea cup of grandma's and now after you told her this there goes my tea cup. :)~

Jackie said...

I had already told him the service was for us, not him.
You enjoy your little tea cup, I'll probably end up with Charlie. :)

Robbin'sMama said...

Hey Robbin, what is this tea cup? Is this something I have or grandma has. Just checking because you might want to locate it before I go because I don't know what about it.

~Robbin said...

The tea cup was just a joke cause dad or Tim said you were going to sell all our inheritance, so I said I only get one lonely tea cup. It was a metaphor. :)

Besides why are you'all talking about urns and services? Kind of creaping me out. Just write it all down and leave it somwhere it's frekin me out talking about this.

And if you want I will keep you, dad, and Beau on my mantle, and I promise not to let the kids knock you off and spill you on the floor and then for the dogs to pee on you. :) I promise!

Grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by while I was gone. I really like all the detail in the earns.