Friday, January 9, 2009


Recently I watched some TV show where a lady was telling about signing up for surveys and samples of products. This looked like something to do when you are bored, and I liked the idea of beginning to get "surprises" in your mail box often. So I began surfing around and signing up for "free" stuff. Actually, you can get some free samples, and sometimes full size products from company promotions. The down side is you spend time signing up for some sites, and you get "offers for free stuff.....but to get them you must promise them you will buy at least one or two things they are selling. Unless I am confused, it is not free if you have to buy somethingl

Today I had a lady call me to get me set up for her "Spa" plan, since I had signed up on a site that showed I would be interested in her spa stuff.

My emails are getting heavier, and some very strange. I think I must have been Ambien surfing recently, as today I got 2 emails that surprised me. It appears that I Ambien clicked on a site that signed me up to get emails from Ann Coulter .


I hope this is not an evil sign that I will begin to read her books and listen to Rush Limbaug



If I find that I am beginning to lean to the right, I am going to have to find me a 12 step stop surfing program.


Carmen said...

Love your blog, Shirley. I recently signed up at Oprah's website and subscribed to "O" and so far my spam folder is decorated with all sorts of interesting tidbits.

I'm still enjoying looking at and smelling the Buddah hand fruit but I may candy it soon.

Carmen said...
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Fire Byrd said...

Great post. Getting addicted to anything starts off such a good idea before it takes hold..... perhaps would explain why I have over 20 cashmere jumpers.... see not even ready to admit the full total yet... LOL
Thank you for deciding to follow my blog, I'm very grateful
byrd xx