Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am a bit curious about why McCain has to suspend his campaign to take care of the financial fiasco. He has people to run his ads and campaign, and he also has his running mate Palin that could stay on the road to campaign. And he wants to postpone the debate. They got airplanes to whip around the country reason they cannot do Washington Business, and bop back down for the debate.
I do not see how they can campaign all this time, and then just shut it down for a bit. Sounds a bit strange to me.

They should be able to multi task since they are in the middle of the campaign.

The bail out of 700 billion is like speaking in another language to me....I cannot grab my mind around how much money that would be

The other Headline that caught my eye today was Clay coming out. It stirred up his claymate boards. Could not believe how cruel some were. How much of a surprise could this have been to his fans. Do they not pay attention to him. How Gay does a person have to be before these people notice.

This was not in the news, but does anyone but me see any resemblence between Sarah Palin and Peggy Hill? Just wondering.


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