Sunday, June 11, 2017


Water Aerobics began last Monday.  I was only able to go on Thursday.  This week I can go Monday Tuesday, and Friday. Have to work around Dr. appts.  Will get 4 days next 2 weeks and 5 last week of June.  We go through mid August.  I really feel good if I can go at least 3 days a week.

Went to RA dr. last week. She gave me a Cortizone shot in hip and it has taken away the faint aches I was having.  I have not had a flare up of a joint in awhile.  Hoping I can get my neutrophils up.  Have Lab Wednesday.

Jim is about the same. Keeps busy in back garage or visiting at Troys.  Memory is getting worse, and his legs are getting weaker.  He had a 2 hr Memory Test last month.  We go see the Dr. that ordered it July 12 and he will give us the results.  I do not see them being good.  He has not got lost, and still remembers who people are, so that is good.  Tried to BBQ hamburgers today, and messed them up and I took over.  There are things he used to do good that he gets confused now and messes them up.

I am trying to get out some, and not get agravated at him.  I know it is the disease, but sometimes he stresses me out.

Going to try to have a halfway good summer.

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