Monday, March 24, 2014


Looks like another week of rain, snow, and nasty weather in general.  I know March is fickle, but I am so ready for warm weather to stay.  The 70 degree days we have had really perk a person up.  I want to put some potted plants out tho I know better, one year in April I had them out, and had to carry them all in when we had a near frost spell.

I cannot wait to see everything green and colorful and to lay awhile in the hammock watching the sky and leaves.  Will soon be the season to paint and redo and perk up the house and yard.  And I will be in a good mood when I am warm, and hopefully back in the mood to get more daily exercise.  I really need that too. 

Lets let this little red snowbird enjoy some warmth.

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