Wednesday, June 5, 2013


May 23 Mom leaned over in her wheel chair to get in a drawer and toppled out. She landed on her forehead and knees, scraping one leg and arm on closet as he went down.  Went over to hospital and had CAT scan on head, Xrays on neck, knees and shoulder.  Luckily nothing broken.  They taped up the scrapes and said the big goose egg on her forehead would probably cause black eyes.

Both eyes did not turn black but it started down her left side with the eye, then on down to cheek and clear down into neck area before the dark bruise stopped.  It was a little amazing to watch it just spread day by day. 

She is two weeks out from it now, and the forehead and eye are clearing up and down the cheek some. She still has the dark blue in chin and neck area.  There is still a knot on her forehead.

Very lucky not to break anything. She hurts all over anyhow, so this just made that worse.

But for 92, she came through it well.

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