Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This January has not went by as slow as I thought it would. It is 21 degrees right now.  But we have had some real cold days, then one up in the upper 40's.  That helps.  I am already dreading Feb. The shortest month of the year always seems so long.

I do not even want to get out when it is cold.  I have been going to the nursing home every other day, and now I am sometimes missing 2 days in a row.  Mom is in sort of a fog, so she seems not to notice most of the time. She and the 2 ladies at her dining room table all seem to be fading.

I get lab Friday, am hoping my glucose reading is as good as it was 4 or 5 weeks ago.  Have been trying to eat all sugar free sweets. Although sometimes I have to cheat and eat one of Jim's cupcakes.

My life is pretty dull.  Watching moves, doing my Ebay, and reading, and that just about sums up most of my days and nights.

Since I cannot click my heels together like Dorothy and wish winter away, guess I will just take it one day and a time and let it slide by.

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