Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annual Eye Exam

Time for my eye exam tomorrow. I feel like I live at the optomitrist as I have to have quarterly check to monitor me for glacoma. Caught high pressure with a minute bit of nerve damage in one eye years ago and have controlled it since.

 I know I am going to be up for some cateract surgery in one eye in the future. I am hoping to be able to get new script and new glasses for one more year at least. I have not got new glasses in 2 years, but this time I know my vision has changed quite a bit. For some reason I have it in my head when it is time for the surgery I want to do it in the winter....since that season is good for not much else. I always plan bad stuff for then.

I dread picking out new glasses. It takes me so long to decide on the frames. And a big hit on the checkbook as I get progressive lenses, turn dark in sun, and for some reason I must have good taste in frames because the ones I like are always more than I would like.

 So I am off to dreamland so I can go frame hunting tomorrow.
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